Progression Of New Housemate Relationship

I've just moved into a share house and everyone is great! Well... mostly.
  1. Me: "hey!" Her: *forced smile*
    ... Okay... I was warned that she can be standoffish... it's okay.
  2. Me: "how's it going?" Her: "fine."
    She speaks!
  3. Her: "do you know when *other house mate* is getting home?"
    She speaks more words!
  4. Me: "Do you eat meat? I have tonnes of leftovers." Her: "Yeah I do, but have plenty of food. Thanks!"
    😮 Words! For me!
  5. I got home and noticed my washing had been brought in. Me: "Hey did you bring my washing in?" Her: "Yeah it was about to rain so I brought it in for you. I also noticed you have a Berlei bra? I work there and can get you free samples! What size are you?"
    Damn girl, just went from "cold" to "future best friend" in a week.