Inspired by everyone... don't know where this started!
  1. Middle class parents
    Neither finished high school or went to uni as a young person so it was extremely important that I did.
  2. Eldest child
    I get "Oh my goddddd you're not my muuuuum" from my 19 year old sister twice a week
  3. Daria
    If I could be a cartoon character I would be...
  4. The book Love You T(w)oo
    Okay so it's a crap, Australian teen-fiction novel but this book taught me that everyone loves differently and if all parties are happy then you shouldn't judge. Or just don't judge if you don't know. Also that love is love, and the complications surrounding it are unimportant.
  5. Artemis Fowl
  6. Beach holidays as a kid
    Me and dad... me at 15? This is Durras, on the south coast of NSW, Australia. You're welcome.
  7. Parents with nothing in common
    In a good way of course... but it meant I'm extremely well-rounded. Movies: Fight Club and Love Actually? Love them. Video games: Sims and Elder Scrolls? Great. Music: Angus and Julia Stone and Bjork? Fab.
  8. My Grandmother telling me I looked fat in my swimming costume when I was 12.
    She meant well but it definitely stuck.