Alex is going political again - add more!
  1. Women's rights and men's rights
    Can actually care about women getting equal pay/not getting raped and men being able to express a different kind of masculinity at the same time
  2. Believing in women's rights AND showing boob/wearing make up/owning nice clothes
    This one truly confuses me. I thought we were fighting to do what we wanted? For freedom to show boob, not show boob, wear make up, not wear make up, love whoever, without scrutiny?
  3. Welfare in your country and international aid
    If I read one more comment on a charity organisation's post saying "we need to deal with our homeless problem before helping other countries" I'll... probably reply with an overly grammatically correct response that I've thought through way too much.
  4. Being from *anywhere else* and being a good person/educated/whatever other positive thing you can be
    Fuck racism
  5. Why do we have to set up dichotomies to compare ourselves to other humans with?
    Don't define yourself by not being something else.