A quick shout out to all the fab women in my life and on list, you inspire me every day 😍😍
  1. Why can't women get CEO jobs?
  2. Why can't women direct movies?
  3. Why can't women get access to education in many parts of the world?
  4. Why can't women govern their own bodies?
  5. On that note, why is female sexuality so unspoken?
    It's real! It's just not normalised the way that teenage boys masturbating has been.
  6. Why can't women be in rock bands?
  7. Why can't women play sport to the extent that men can?
    And why can't they be celebrated as much for doing so?
  8. Why can't women have sex with whoever she wants to have sex with, without being judged?
    Why can't she be clapped on the back like a man?
  9. Why can't women play the lead role instead of the supporting role?
  10. Why do women get blamed for sexual assault?
  11. Why do women get blamed for domestic violence?
  12. Why do women get blamed for... Everything?
  13. And lastly, why can't we focus on women's rights without people going nuts about men's rights?
    If I have to see one more comment asking when International Men's Day is (November 19th), I'll lose my shit.