Adapted to: the first time I drank alcohol. A much more interesting story. Inspired by the wonderful world of 💜
  1. I was with @Evie, it was NYE of 2010
    We were so cute!
  2. We had planned it all out. A four pack of vodka cruisers to share, and a million glasses of water in between.
    Again... cute. Also hello there Todd.
  3. I had told my parents about our plan
    They must've thought the same thing I'm thinking: Dawwwwww so cute 😻
  4. It was during Evie's "look mysteriously to the top corner" pose for photos stage 😂
  5. It took us all night to drink 2 cruisers
    I think we actually wondered why we weren't drunk!
  6. We stayed up all night
    All I can remember is that one of the boys played that "fly like a g6" song over and over while we were trying to sleep.
  7. And that was my first experience with alcohol!
    Started me off for a life time of binge drinking. Thumbs up for alcohol!