I'm not including sex fluidity, I feel so sorry for those who don't like the body they live in and will always support whatever choice they make.
  1. The concept of "non-binary" or "gender fluidity" is becoming more and more prevalent... and almost trendy.
  2. I started to think more and more about how I see myself and how I have seen myself throughout my life.
  3. And I realised that I've always done what I wanted to do, not what the female gender expected me to do.
  4. I wear dresses in summer, and practically dress like a boy in winter. I dress fairly androgynously. I also only started being interested in make up recently and wear it for fun.
  5. Nobody even takes a second look at me, it's normal for me to wear boy's clothes whilst still considering myself to be a woman.
    I'm not talking about sexuality by the way, I consider them to be very separate.
  6. But so many men are so constrained by their gender. In many ways, I'm glad I'm a woman because of the generally supportive culture we have created. Men don't have that freedom of expression.
    I'm not ignoring all the oppression or the hard work it took for us to get to this point, I'm still a feminist and proud.
  7. But it's still sad that to dress or perform how they want, we had to create a new gender: trans, non-binary, the third gender, what ever you want to call it.
    I believe that gender is a construct, but it's sad that we can't just expand the ones we already have rather than create new ones.
  8. Purely because society couldn't accept a man in a dress.