But did. Haven't listed in a while due to assessments and a hugely emotional weekend, but here I am.
  1. I didn't expect to lose you
    That's an obvious one. Read previous lists for more info. But on to more positive things...
  2. I didn't expect that I'd get a job as a research assistant
    But I did! And I'm so excited!
  3. I didn't expect to get a High Distinction for an assignment this semester (kind of like an A)
    But I'm doing a subject I'm so passionate about which inspires me to work hard
  4. I didn't expect to be doing honours next year (a post undergraduate research year), and I didn't expect that I'd be researching share houses.
    That topic hit me in the face with the surprise stick let me tell you.
  5. I didn't expect that my parents would actually buy a farm instead of planning to for the rest of our lives but...
  6. I didn't expect my life to come together in many ways after losing the best person in the world but it did.
    And even though I miss him so much, I can't thank him enough for helping me to become the person I am now.
  7. Life happens when you least expect it.
    I know it's cheesy, but it's 100% true.