Trump fucked me over, man. Even all the way over here in Aus. Need some positivity to look forward to.
  1. My last assessment is due on the 21st
    See you on the other side mah-fuckers!
  2. Queensland with my second family
    Keen to sit around in our fancy apartment, go to the beach and hang out!
  3. Christmas
    I freaking love Christmas. I have a great family and we're going to my parents new farm to hang out.
  4. Field Day festival on New Years Day
    Keen to dance away my hangover and see some awesome bands while I'm at it
  5. My new job
    I'll be doing real work in my actual field and I'm so excited! Gooooodbye casual retail work!
  6. I'm seeing some great bands early in the new year
    Avalanches, Glass Animals, The Pixies... I'm pretty keen :)
  7. Honours year
    I'm weird but I love studying. Can't wait to attempt the hardest study year of my life so far, but it'll be so rewarding!
  8. Ok. I feel a little better now.