Things I never understood the hype over

And trust me. I love bandwagons... So the fact that I didn't jump on these ones really means something.
  1. Breaking Bad
    Oooooh bomb dropped. I watched the first two seasons and stopped. That's right, it's possible. I probably would like it if I gave it a second chance but that hasn't happened yet.
  2. Deconstructed anything
    Coffee, smoothies, food of any sort. Why is this a thing? You couldn't figure out how to put it together?
  3. Twitter
    Why does this social media exist? All the other ones are better.
  4. Huge phones that don't fit in pockets
    I'm talking in the realm of iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Note, etc.
  5. The following words: fam (when not referring to family), squad (when not referring to swim team) and bae.