How to stay sane when you feel like imploding
  1. Binge-watch Jessica Jones
    Jokes I'll probably do that during because procrastination
  2. Read all the books I got for my birthday. Three months ago.
    Anthropology degree means I read all the time. Which means I read for fun none of the time. (Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, I'm coming for you)
  3. Exercise!
    Ha. You say that now.
  4. Sleep. Forever.
  5. Clean my car
    Yep. That'll happen.
  6. Spend legitimate time with my best friend
    @Evie 1 hour coffee per week won't do it
  7. And finally, get really drunk in preparation for my final semester of this degree
    Probably just enough to be hungover on my first day. Off to yet another great start!