Not me and @Evie unfortunately 😂 In Australia, all schools had uniforms, even our public school locally and affectionately known as "the slut school". Inspired by @Boogie and others 😊
  1. Raben shoes
    With white socks so it looked like you weren't wearing any shoes
  2. Lonsdale backpacks
    Only if they fitted none of your books in them
  3. Black socks (because we weren't allowed to wear them)
    With silly black ballet flats
  4. Having the correct amount of "squares" in length on our plaid skirts
    I believe it was 4? Any less made you a skank and any more made you a prude/uncool
  5. Especially in year 7 and 8, anything from supre
    Especially the weird fabric belts that looked like you were wearing a shirt under your shirt... who knows what we were thinking.
  6. White out
    And being that one person everyone borrowed it from
  7. Being in a rock band
    Maybe this was just the particular circle I ran in though...
  8. Rolling up everything - shirt sleeves, skirts, the bottom of the shorts (they were so weirdly long anyway)... if you could roll it, then it should be rolled.