Ever wondered what goes through my mind while I'm waiting for my 5 hour delayed plane?
  1. Would it be worth it to buy a magazine?
    I'm broke. I can't afford a magazine.
  2. What about a perfume? That Victoria's Secret store looks nice.
    I don't even wear perfume.
  3. Am I hungry or bored?
  4. Better go wander around to find out
    Nah, just bored.
  5. Hey, music is great!
  6. If my luggage had luggage, what would it pack?
  7. What should I do when I get home? Only 8 hours until then.
  8. 11 am beer? Don't mind if I do.
  9. Haven't played Plants vs Zombies in a while...
    Oh yeah. I'm stuck on that level.
  10. Gold Coast Airport has exactly four shops that I'm interested in looking in.
    I have no money, and it's making me depressed.
  11. Steppy Pants is a great game!
    Steppy Pants is extremely boring.
  12. Crossy Road is a great game!
  13. How much time has passed?
    20 minutes.