Thoughts I Have When My Highly Volatile Sister Talks About Her Awful On/Off Boyfriend

I don't know if any of you guys have conversations like this with younger siblings... if not then consider yourself lucky!
  1. Will she tolerate me calling him a jerk or is he "a good guy" today?
    Better not say anything just in case
  2. She beeeetttteerrrr not say "you don't understand" to me... don't you dare.
    She fucking said it. Urrrggghhhh.
  3. Is it worth the inevitable argument and her storming off?
    On the plus side, this conversation would end if she left...
  4. No no no. She's going through something crap and needs my support. Having low self esteem is the worst and he treats her like crap.
    Just smile and nod. Show support.
  5. They broke up!
    Don't get too excited... don't you dare do it!
  6. They got back together the next day.
    Told you so.
  7. How many times can I say "he's punching above his weight" before she gets mad?
    Apparently twice. Woops.
  8. As long as he's not abusing her...
    Spoke too soon.
  9. As long as he's not stopping her from doing what she loves...
    Spoke too soon.
  10. Fuck this, she needs to leave him!
    Don't get mad Alex, you know it doesn't end well!
  11. Just walk away.
    Crisis averted. Til next time.