(not just in the literal sense)
  1. So I may be binge watching the Vampire Diaries right now and I love it even though it sucks. A lot.
    Anyone who doesn't think Caroline is the best character can gtfo
  2. Here are a few reasons why being a vampire would actually be the worst
    Contrary to these lovely TV shows and movies the universe has been spurting out (except Buffy, who got it down)
  3. 1. Eternal life
    I could make a whole list on why this would be the actual worst. Nothing matters if life never ends. You'll watch everyone you know die. You'd get BORED!
  4. 2. You have to drink blood
    Not only does this suck on it's own but it's paired with the fact that vampires don't eat human food which is... um... delicious!!! You'll never get to eat and enjoy curry or stirfry or fried chicken or chocolate ever again coz you'll want to kill people and drink their blood
  5. 3. You can't go out in the sunlight
    And this is the worst, obviously
  6. 4. People always want to kill you
    That pesky vampire slayer, other vampires, you name it
  7. 5. Why would anyone ever want to stop being a human? We've got it so good!