Why Paris Geller And Blair Waldorf Are Basically The Same Person

Trust me... I'm not crazy
  1. Very rich, hard to impress mother
    Paris' socialite mother and Blair's fashion designer mum... come on.
  2. They're both badass bitches who will stop at nothing to get what they want
  3. They both missed out on their top choice for university
  4. They both constantly strive for first yet always come second
  5. Queen Bee in high school
  6. Brutally honest yet fiercely loyal
  7. Downright mean
  8. Yet extremely loveable
  9. They're both smart af
  10. Gilmore Girls? Gossip Girl? COINCIDENCE?
    Well yeah probably
  11. But they are both the classic frenemy character and I love them
  12. Am I right?
    Yep. Admit it.