I give tours to prospective students and their families at the university I attend. Sometimes I say "any questions?" These are things that people have asked me.
  1. β€’
    "So you're a theatre major. How are you gonna make money?"
    I had actually planned on sitting cross-legged on the floor of my parents' basement and taking sips from a glass of water all day until you raised that question, kind stranger
  2. β€’
    "You're from New York. Why did you leave to come here?"
    Please note that I am from a small SUBURBAN NEW YORK TOWN and attend a university in a MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREA
  3. β€’
    "How's the dating scene here?"
  4. β€’
    "How's the diversity here?"
  5. β€’
    "Are you planning to show us any indoor locations?"
    It's January. I get it.
  6. β€’
    "Are you happy?"
    Very much so. I really love my school!