1. I never got good at smiling with my teeth.
    This is because I had braces for far too long and hated showing them. Then I got them off for 6 months (which, much to my mom's delight, coincided with my bar mitzvah) only to have them once again strapped onto my teeth. Consequently I became insecure about smiling with my mouth open.
  2. Consequently my closed-mouth smile has not ever become all I wanted it to be.
    Separate list to come entitled "Things It Looks Like When I'm Closed-Mouth Smiling" that includes "there's a slug under the table but I'm tryna play it cool" and "my aunt likened my theatre career to her playing Dorothy in 8th grade"
  3. Someone told me that I look good "smoldering"
    It's because it makes me seem inquisitive and interested while also somewhat guarded and mysterious. "What's going on behind those eyes?" I imagine nobody asking.