1. Went for lunch beforehand, got a glass of Pinot, got a tiny buzz going
  2. GPS took us to the building before the winery, had to pull a U-Turn
  3. Finally made it to the winery
  4. Tour guide got us, told us some information about the winery that I don't recall because I was waiting for booze
  5. Acquired the smallest possible amount of booze (sparking rosé)
  6. Made the next stop on the tour, listened to our guide talk about grapes and soil for 10 minutes
  7. Acquired an EVEN SMALLER amount of wine at this stop (Riesling)
  8. Went into the cellar, heard all about the barrels they keep wine in (...yeah) and then learned some more about red wine that I did not retain
  9. Guide poured everyone's wine before mine and I got the last minuscule amount left in the bottle
  10. Got guide to open another bottle because that just isn't cool
  11. Went into another room in the cellar and was told to put on parka and gloves because we were going in HERE... Yes, that's an ice bar
  12. Got to find out what it's like to live in an igloo whilst sipping on yet another minimal amount of alcohol
  13. Finished the tour and decided to hit up a brewery instead because 3oz of alcohol for the day just didn't cut it for me
  14. Static