1. Rain boots. You never know.
  2. Coffee from Nashville roaster Drew's Brews.
  3. Coat. Again, you never know.
  4. Lara bars, in case of dire hanger.
  5. Day shoes and night shoes. (Night shoes must be one size bigger for comfort.)
  6. iPod for set up tunes.
  7. Sewing kit in case somethings not quite finished. (Always use it!)
  8. Sewing machine. (See above.)
  9. Workout gear, helps to start the day right.
  10. All the clothes.
  11. All the quilts.
  12. Lastly, an outfit that is almost pjs but passable as casual chic for that evening after set up where you want to have a drink at the bar, but absolutely need to be in your pjs.