I've seen so many lists about this show and, since property shows are my jam, I found some episodes on YouTube. I loved every second of it.
  1. Hi Tawna and Chad
    Those aren't real names, right?
  2. Tawna is an aspiring country singer/songwriter so they're moving to Nashville, naturally
  3. They currently live in what looks like a huge static caravan
    Yes that is a dog called 'Mayzie'
  4. Why are we spending so long getting to know the couple? This show is 20 minutes long, I want to see the houses!!
  5. He wants a log cabin, hardwood floors
  6. She wants a "brick house" which sounds hilarious to me because literally everyone's house in Britain is a brick house
  7. Ok we're at the first house
    It's a bungalow style, according to the estate agent Betty
  9. Why are all the windows so tiny? And seriously, why is everything beige?
    This is the master bedroom
  10. Oh no Chad just said "pizzazz"
  11. Chad wants 2 bathrooms. Why? There's only two of you. God Chad, stop being so greedy
  12. I like that we're reminded every 5 minutes that we're watching Chad and Tawna search for a house in Nashville
  13. Ok 2nd house
    Oh it's brick, Tawna is going to be absolutely BUZZIN
  14. Betty tells us it's a "ranch style" but it is a half hour drive from the music scene in Nashville
  15. Beige again?!
  16. Also why do none of the houses have any furniture in? Are they all new?
    This is a genuine question
  17. Chad doesn't like the floors OF COURSE
  18. Again with the tiny windows?
  19. Chad and Tawna are obsessed with the work surfaces in the kitchens for some reason
  20. On to house number 3!
  21. Betty: "it was built in 1930"
    Tawna: "oh that's nice!"
  22. Chad is still going on about the 2 bathrooms
  24. He just did the moonwalk for absolutely no reason
  25. The bedrooms are tiny - like the built-in wardrobes take up a third of the room
  26. Betty seems so fed up of this already
    She's probably thinking "get over your fucking two bathrooms, Chad"
  27. Decision time!
    For some reason they're sitting on the sofa with a blanket?
  28. It's got to be house number 2, imo
  29. Omg the suspense is killing me
  30. Wahey they chose house number 2: the brick ranch!
    Now you can finally paint over that beige!!
  31. Nice work guys
  32. Now excuse me whilst I watch every available episode of this show on YouTube