(Photos aren't mine)
  1. Creamfields is a big music festival in my town. It features a whole range of dance acts - EDM, dubstep, trance etc. Because we live in the local area, we get free tickets.
    I loved showing my "£0.00" ticket to people that had paid over £200 to get in. I am an awful person.
  2. I love festivals and I've been to a few before but I know virtually nothing about dance music. I told my friends to choose whoever they wanted to see and I'd go along.
    This is very different from other festivals where I've usually planned an itinerary a week before we go and my friends are dragged along with me.
  3. We saw loads of acts but these are the sets that we watched the whole way through.
  4. Robin Schulz
    Started with this guy. It was an average set, to be honest, and the crowd wasn't super into it.
  5. Above and Beyond
    This one was so much fun. It was almost like some kind of cult; at one point everyone was chanting "WE ARE FREE" and the words were lighting up on the stage behind the DJs. Crazy but fun.
  6. Avicii
    Headlined the Saturday night for what was apparently his last ever UK festival set. Whilst I never listen to Avicii, it was an upbeat crowd and he's got plenty of hits that everyone knew.
  7. DJ EZ
    I feel like I see this guy at the end of the night at every festival I go to. Seriously, this must've been at least the 4th time I've seen him. He does remixes of big dance, hip hop and pop hits so it's a fun way to finish the night. Plus I'm here for any act that plays Skepta and JME.
  8. Duke Dumont
    The first set we saw on the Sunday. He was playing the main stage but the crowd was surprisingly small.
  9. Paul Van Dyk
    This was a TQ recommendation and the set did not disappoint. A Spanish woman in the crowd tapped me on the shoulder and asked whereabouts in Spain I was from and I almost cried with happiness. I mean, it was dark so she couldn't see how pale I actually am but it was a great compliment nonetheless.
  10. Annie Mac
    I love Annie's show on Radio 1 and I listen to it most nights. She's one of the coolest women in music right now. Started and ended the set with a remix of Rinse and Repeat which is still sounding great, no matter how much it's been overplayed this summer.
  11. Calvin Harris
    I really wanted to see Fatboy Slim but he was headlining another stage at the same time as Calvin, who my friends wanted to see. Although I was gutted to miss Fatboy Slim, I actually really enjoyed this set. I wasn't expecting to have such a good time. Finished with a remix of Daft Punk's One More Time which was fun.
  12. Am I a certified raver yet?