Questions by @amieshmamie
  1. Do you feel moved by your national anthem?
    No. Our national anthem is not my favourite. It's not the most rousing of tunes and I don't think it represents us as a country. I would like to think we have more to sing about than just the royal family.
  2. How do children in your country get to school?
    I would say the majority walk. I walked to primary school, high school and college. The furthest I lived from any of these schools was about a 35 minute walk. Others get lifts to school from parents or take a bus. I expect it's different for kids who live in cities, however.
  3. Can you succinctly explain your country's healthcare system and are most citizens satisfied with it?
    (Almost) everyone pays taxes, everyone has free access to healthcare. The NHS is one thing most of the country can agree on; we love it. I'd say most are satisfied with it but it's not at its peak at the moment. There's an ongoing struggle between our government and junior doctors, increased privatisation and a lack of funding.
  4. What is the best part of living in your country?
    Our culture - music, literature, film, television, theatre. Our welfare state. Areas of natural beauty, and vibrant cities too. Multiculturalism.
  5. What is the worst part?
    Growing intolerance. Our inability to discuss colonialism and imperialism, and the negative side of our past. A government centred on (southern) England. The rain.
  6. Are there any accents within the language you speak?
    So many! Firstly, there are English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish accents. Then regional accents, too. BRITISH ACCENTS, RANKED
  7. What would you say is the overall impression people from your country have of the US and its citizens?
    The bad: nationalistic, ignorant, unhealthy lifestyles. The good: ambitious, bold, friendly and welcoming.
  8. Have you ever lived in another country? If so, what difference stood out between that country and your home?
    Sadly no. I'm only 18 and have lived in my hometown all my life.
  9. Do you hope to move to the US someday?
    I'd love to, even if only for a short time. My plan at the moment is to choose an American university for my year abroad.
  10. Can I come stay with you?
    Of course! I already have an intinerary planned. COOL PLACES IN THE NORTH WEST WE'D GO TO IF YOU CAME TO VISIT ME 🇬🇧