Requested by @LizDawson
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get round to this, Liz! I loved the request
  1. I'm from the north of England and I go to university in London
  2. I am very much "the token northerner"
  3. My uni halls accommodate 300+ students. I know of two other northerners who live there.
  4. Before I even started uni, a random guy in an applicant Facebook group told me I'd only been given an offer because the university needed more people "from state schools" and the North
    Hahahahaha lol
  5. People get very confused by the way I talk
    Yes, "tea" is dinner and "dinner" is lunch. No, there is no debating this.
  6. Every time an Oasis or Stone Roses song is played when we're out at a club, people point to me. As if I personally know the Gallagher brothers or something
  7. Everyone thinks I am from Manchester. No matter how many times I tell them I live in Warrington, *near* Manchester.
    "Are you looking forward to going home to Manchester for Christmas?" "How long does it take to get home to Manchester?" .... I'm not from Manchester guys
  8. Places in the north are practically exotic for some of my friends
    I live in Cheshire and I have met maybe a handful of people that actually know what/where this is.
  9. Nobody understands when I quote Peter Kay jokes
  10. People ask me whether it's "warmer down south"
  11. As soon as people find out I'm a northerner, they automatically presume I went to a comprehensive and I'm a leftie
    I mean, they're right on both counts but that's besides the point 😉
  12. People tell me I have a strong accent all the time
  13. NOBODY has heard of rugby league
    It's a real sport guys, I'm not making it up
  14. And probably the worst of all, nobody shares my love for chips and gravy 💔
  15. One more thing: its bath not barth and it always will be 😇