Can we all just appreciate how brilliant Andre Braugher is on Brooklyn 99
  1. "Hello, deputy chief Wuntch. You've aged."
  2. "YOU embarrassed YOURSELF in front of Derek Jeter"
  3. "We're not gonna fight her, she's the devil. And you don't dance with the devil because you get burned. Also, because in Madeline's case she has no rhythm and her hands are like little rat claws."
  4. Wuntch: "Hello, Raymond. How do you like my new office? 20th floor." Holt: "Yes, I never thought I’d see you this high without a broom under you."
  5. "Look, Gina, is that a talking raisin?"
  6. Holt: "Care to sit? I'm sure you'd like to take the weight off your cloven hooves" Wuntch: "Calling me the devil? How original, Raymond" Holt: "Actually I was calling you a goat, you goat."
  7. "Captain Wuntch, good to see you. But if you’re here, who’s guarding Hades?"
  8. Wuntch: "I’m the front-runner for a job in the Boston PD." Holt: "Boston? But it’s so close to Salem. You do know what they do to witches up there, don’t you?"
  9. "You grackle."