Since I've been watching Parks and Rec non stop. This could've been purely a Jean Ralphio appreciation list but I decided to branch out a bit!
  1. Dave
    "She made out with me in my cop car. It was pretty neat"
  2. Perd Hapley
    "It's a heartwarming story but it's just not believable, which is why I give E.T. one and a half stars"
  3. Joan Callamezzo
    If not simply for the TV caption "Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster"
  4. Greg Pikitis
    "Two words. Peach pit."
  5. Orin
    "I studied zoology in college and I can control animals with my mind."
  6. Bobby Newport
    "I guess my thoughts on abortion know, let's just all have a good time!" (Also Paul Rudd 😍)
  7. Jennifer Barkley
    "Excuse me but I have to get back to a city! Where things happen!"
    a.k.a The King. "I hope you brought a change of clothes 'cause your eyes are about to piss tears."