1. Father Ted
    Old sitcom about 3 Catholic priests who live together on a remote Irish island. Hilarious and pretty bizarre.
  2. Only Connect
    Stupidly difficult quiz show presented by Victoria Coren, a woman whose jokes no one seems to understand.
  3. Gogglebox
    A show where you watch ordinary people watching TV. Sounds awful but is genuinely one of the funniest shows around. Also good for a round up of the week's TV and current affairs.
  4. Outnumbered
    Family sitcom which is partly improvised. The kids are hilarious.
  5. Black Mirror
    You've probably heard of this one, a series of one off dramas based on dystopian society. Weirdly enough, one of these episodes seemed to have predicted reality with the discovery of so called "Piggate" 😂
  6. Catastrophe
    Sitcom about two people whose one night stand turns into a pregnancy, starring and written by Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. Bonus points because it stars Carrie Fisher as Rob's mum.