How are you feeling about Brexit? Did you vote remain or leave? Did you vote? Feel free to rant/ vent/ let it all out
  1. I'm shocked
    Even when I went to bed last night and Leave were in the lead, I had faith. I never seriously considered the possibility of leaving.
  2. I feel helpless
    I couldn't vote because I'm too young
  3. I feel incredibly proud of my generation
    75% of 18-24 year olds voted to remain. Don't even talk to me about the 65+ category.
  4. I'm angry
    I'm angry that the Tories will now have a leadership election and we'll potentially have BORIS JOHNSON or MICHAEL GOVE as Prime Minister. (Unelected leader, oh the irony.) I'm angry that everywhere I look I see Farage's smirking face. I'm angry that fear and hate won.
  5. Also, fuck Farage
  6. 💔
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  7. this succinctly sums up my feeling toward everyone over the age of 65. i'm sorry you couldn't vote!!
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  8. This was a terrible decision made mostly by people who won't be around to see the long term consequences, and won't be affected by the short term ones.
    Suggested by @MaiaLS
  9. I'm speechless, scare, angry and wanna cry
    Hatred fear and stupidity won and I'm scare for the Brit but Also for all Europe too that see the rise of nationalisms everywhere and the world too...
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  10. 😡😡
    From @idae 's list about Leave vote
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  11. David Cameron's resignation isn't even a reason to celebrate... That's how you know how terrible this is. Imagine if this guy actually became the new PM😱
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  12. I'm from the US abut living in Europe; shocked. Felt so confident Remain would win, how did this happen??
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  13. I'm so incredibly sad for the many people across the world that Brexit will have a detrimental effect on. I'm sad that there are so many people in our country whose votes were fuelled by unrealistic, xenophobic ideals instead of fact and reason 😔
    and I'm angry that Farage has ALREADY backed down on one of his major promises about the NHS 😑
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  14. 😫😫😫
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  15. We can only hope for some political skullduggery now in this battle. And use this as an inspiration to try harder to make our voices heard, to explain to people why tolerance and globalism should be treasured not feared. Bring on 2020. And thank you for the space to vent to strangers, and outlet is a God send in times like these.
    Suggested by @phillipcrout
  16. I'm so fucking upset, the economy has already gone to shit and I hate the fact that 52% of people voted for the shitty xenophobic propaganda that was based on lies. Everyone here is so fucking quick to laugh at America and how ridiculous Donald trump is but this has honestly shown how hypocritical we all turned out to be. I'm ashamed to be British
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  17. just saw this- interesting statistics to see how those remain/leave voters feel about various issues.
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  18. From a Scot speaking to her remain voting neighbours:
    I formally invite you all to move to Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon - The Queen of Scotland - WILL sort this horrible situation we have found ourself in. My heart breaks today that we have made a decision that was not ours. The whole of Scotland voted remain, YET we are being dragged out. COME UP HERE AND BECOME INDEPENDENT WITH US, we are lovely and will welcome you home lots of irn bru 💙💙💙
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  19. Farage I voted to remain I am a real ordinary decent person. Why don't you look at yourself in the mirror.
    Suggested by @Waddy
  20. However having had more time to think since this morning, I think I basically feel betrayed, like my future has been gambled in exchange for other people's misplaced fears and misplaced nationalism. And that I suddenly know I live in a country divided. And a country full of lies
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  21. So I was just about to claim my citizenship by descent (my dad was born in London), and now I feel that it's been highly devalued.
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  22. From a Colombian/Dutch: so sad that the "exit" won, sad that the nationalism that it is so similar to the i famous one from the 1930s is winning, Europe is strong together! 5 fingers are a hand, 5 fingers together are a fist!
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