I have no good list ideas because I've spent my entire week off watching Community and snap chatting @vmacies every scene I find funny, so here is an extension of my current obsession (Seasons 1-4)
  1. 9.
    I actually think Pierce had some hilarious moments but Chevy Chase is apparently a huge dick and Pierce was a horrible person so he gets bottom of this list.
  2. 8.
    The whole 'Changnesia' thing in season 4 wasn't my favourite. I found him much funnier as the group's Spanish teacher but this scene had me laughing SO hard.
  3. 7.
    Dean Pelton
    Oh my lord this karaoke scene is funny. Kiss From A Rose has been playing on repeat in my brain for days because of it.
  4. 6.
    Oh Shirley, why do bad things happen to good people? Probably the nicest and least selfish of the study group and has great chemistry with the girls in particular.
  5. 5.
    I am 100% Jeff and Annie TRASH. I've liked Annie's character development so far and I love any Britta and Annie pairing.
  6. 4.
    I have a Dean Pelton level obsession with Joel McHale. I also love that the study group are the only people Jeff really cares about. It's such a trope but I'm down for it.
  7. 3.
    Britta has some of the best lines in the show, in my opinion, and Gillian Jacobs is so effortlessly funny. I am such a Britta btw.
  8. 2.
    #1 and #2 are pretty much a tie for me. It's kind of blowing my mind to see Childish Gambino doing comedy but I am loving it. Plus I fancy Donald Glover s o much.
  9. 1.
    What can I say, I'm a sucker for pop culture references and meta humour ❤️