Inspired by an old @Fitz list and @franksars' recent Amsterdam list. I'm sticking to the North West because it would be highly unlikely you'd just want to visit Warrington, as much as I love it
  1. Ok first off we'd start in my hometown, good old Waz
  2. If it was a sunny day, we'd talk a walk to Walton Gardens
    We'd pick up a picnic from Marks & Spencer because if you've never tried Percy Pigs YOU NEED TO ASAP
  3. If you're into sports, we'd watch a rugby league match at the Halliwell Jones Stadium
    Just don't ask me anything about the game because I will have no clue. I grew up in a football family ok??
  4. Afterwards, we'd maybe catch a gig or some live comedy at the Parr Hall
  5. Then, we'd have a day out in Liverpool
    It's about a half hour journey from my house
  6. We'd start off at the Albert Dock
  7. Where we'd see an exhibition at the Tate
  8. Obviously we'd have to check out the Cavern
  9. And The Beatles Story
    I've never actually done this so I'd be just as excited as you
  10. We'd then do some shopping in the vintage shops on and around Bold Street
  11. Lunch or tea would be at nearby Zorbas, my family's favourite Greek restaurant
  12. We'd also take a visit to the bombed out church, St Luke's
    St Luke's is a church badly damaged during the Blitz which is now a war memorial/events space
  13. For our last day, we'd head to Manchester
  14. We'd start off with coffee and cake at one of the cafes in the Northern Quarter
  15. Before hunting through some of the local record shops
    Piccadilly Records is the biggest and most well known but there's a load of great ones!
  16. For football fans, we'd do the Old Trafford stadium tour
    The Etihad Stadium is not an option, sorry City fans 🙅
  17. Or if football's not really your thing, we'd get the tram to Salford and take touristy photos a la The Smiths
    I've never done this either and now I'd finally have an excuse!
  18. In the evening, we'd watch a film or, if possible, some live theatre at HOME before getting some tea at their lovely restaurant
  19. If it was a Sunday you'd also be obliged to have one of my dad's famous Sunday Roasts (even if we'd already eaten) because it will change your life
  20. There are more cool places in the North West like Blackpool and Lancaster that are only an hour or so away, if you were here for a long stay
  21. Can't wait for you all to come and stay!! Don't forget your sleeping bags