My best friends and I are travelling around Europe by train this summer and I am BUZZIN
  1. Munich
    I'm meeting my friends here because they will have already been travelling for one week but I have work 😢 ANYWAY I am excited to visit Germany again because it's a country I've not seen much of
  2. Salzburg
    Um The Sound of Music was filmed here? SIGN ME THE F UP
  3. Ljubljana
    I spent a summer in Slovenia when I was a child and my only memory is falling down a flight of stairs so hopefully this time will be better
  4. Lake Bled
    Look at the beautiful views 😱
  5. Budapest
    Going to be singing George Ezra the whole way there
  6. Krakow
    The pigeon capital of Europe according to this photo?
  7. Prague
    I've never been to the Czech Republic and when I do, I will have been to more countries in Europe than my dad. Hahaha suck it Mike. AND Prague is a beautiful city of course and I look forward to seeing it!
  8. Berlin
    This is the one I'm looking forward to most. So much history!!! My little history loving brain will explode with happiness
  9. Utrecht
    Spending our last night here before flying home from Schipol airport