Disclaimer: I do not plan on getting married any time soon, fictional husband or otherwise
  1. Stiles Stilinski
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    I kinda want the sheriff as a father in law just as much as I want Stiles as a husband
  2. Seth Cohen
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    Honestly, I feel this one more than any of the others. No disrespect to Summer but we would make an amazing husband and wife.
  3. Smash Williams
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    One of the main reasons I stuck with FNL as long as I did (him and Coach Taylor obvs)
  4. Charlie Young
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    What a sweetheart ❤️ I feel like we're both kinda dorky and I want to know everything about President Bartlet and the White House
  5. Josh Lyman
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    It would turn out horribly. We'd probably divorce very quickly but it would be great to begin with
  6. Han Solo
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    Wedding reception on the Millennium Falcon. You're all invited.
  7. Bill Weasley
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    The best Weasley ❤️ Also, I am so down for a Weasley Christmas
  8. Josh from Clueless
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    If I could put gifs here, I would use that scene at the top of the stairs with Cher 😍😍
  9. Mike Hannigan
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    I've got a thing for Paul Rudd ok