1. Daphne and Niles - Frasier
  2. Harry and Ginny - Harry Potter
    I LOVE Harry and Ginny in the books, they are a great couple. In the films though, Ginny is given such a measly part with about 10 lines throughout the whole series that when it finally comes to their relationship, it had no real build up or back story.
  3. Sharpay and Zeke - High School Musical
    Ok I would easily be won over by a good cookie, but Sharpay?
  4. Padme and Anakin - Star Wars
    The worst of the worst
  5. Kate and Will - The West Wing
    Felt way too rushed - I kinda liked them as friends though
  6. Joey and Rachel - Friends
  7. Hit me with other couples you weren't buying
  8. Leonard and Priya
    Suggested by   @kate81
  9. Carly and Freddie
    Team #Seddie y'all!!!!
    Suggested by   @lmao
  10. Willow and Kennedy
    I didn't hate Kennedy as much as most people do, but they didn't make a lot if sense as a couple
    Suggested by   @tannbanan
  11. Lorelai Gilmore & Jason Stiles
    did not at all understand why she would be into him
    Suggested by   @americson
  12. Dan Humphrey + Blair Waldorf
    srsly gtfo
    Suggested by   @kaelyn