1. Excitement
    My new haircut looks great! Look how short it is, look how well it frames my face! Just think of all the things I can do now I don't have to spend so much time washing and drying it!
  2. Uncertainty
    Ooh that's a bad angle. Does my hair always look like that? Was a middle parting a bad idea? What if I hate it in a week? Does it make me look 10 years old? HOW WILL I STYLE IT?
  3. Regret
    What have I done? My hair will never be the same again. I've just ruined months worth of growing and taming. How could I have done this so flippantly? A haircut is a BIG decision. God I can't be trusted with anything.
  4. Acceptance
    Well, that's it I guess. It will grow back. I've made my bed now I'll have to lie in it. I'll just tie it up and try not to cry at that tiny, pathetic ponytail.
  5. Comfort
    You know what? I LOVE my tiny ponytail. And everyone else should too.