Requested by @DawnCloud
Lol Emma you are the best. British politics has gone to shit so this is the only way to decide who should become PM! (Boris isn't running for Tory leadership btw THANK GOD)
  1. Firstly, the correct answer is Kill Kill Kill for all - not literally before you all think I'm a monster
  2. But in the spirit of the game I will actually consider this (with the more PG and British friendly version of Snog Marry Avoid)
  3. SNOG: Boris
    Oh this is so difficult. I can't believe I just used 'snog' and Borris in the same phrase. I could just about manage a cheeky peck on the lips but a snog?! PLEASE I HAVE TO STOP THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR MY DELICATE BRAIN
  4. MARRY: Theresa
    The only sane one of the group, if a little too Thatcher-esque for my liking. She seems nice enough on a personal level?
  5. AVOID: Gove
    Avoid AT ALL COSTS. Gove already has a wife called Sarah Vine who writes a column for the Daily Mail (yes that is as bad as it sounds.) It's a no from me, sorry Michael.