Pleaseeeee sir, they came all the way from colonial Williamsburg
  1. Halloween
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    Relevant AND cute
  2. Mother's Day
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    Bonus points for the embroidered 'mom'
  3. Summer Vacation
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    "This is just coincidence that our waistcoats fit the theme" "Yeah we're actually on our way to a funeral"
  4. Winter
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    Making snowmen cool pre-Frozen era
  5. Hanukkah
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    Snowmen 2.0
  6. Valentine's Day
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    A classic
  7. Summer
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    "We came all the way from Epcot"
  8. Spring
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    "We came all the way from Sleepy Hollow"
  9. Christmas
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    "We drove all the way from Soho"
  10. Thanksgiving
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    This may be a great waistcoat but -1000 points for Chris Martin