These sound made up but they are all 100% real
  1. The Great British Pottery Throwdown
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    Amateur potters complete a set of challenges and make a lot of innuendos along the way
  2. The Big Allotment Challenge
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    What could be more exciting than growing your own produce on an allotment?! Watching people grow their own produce on an allotment, of course!!
  3. The Big Painting Challenge
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    Presented by Mrs Hudson from Sherlock. (Also check out the guy who looks like he's come straight out of Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  4. The Great British Sewing Bee
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    Presented by a woman called Claudia Winkleman, a national treasure in my eyes
  5. The Great Interior Design Challenge
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    Cancelled too soon 💔 this one was actually pretty enjoyable