A shoutout to the unsung heroes of TV: the casting department. Great job guys!! 👏
  1. Orange Is The New Black
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    One of the best ensemble casts in TV right now. Representation rulez ✌️
  2. The Office
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    Steve Carrell as Michael Scott is one of TV comedy's greatest castings ever, I will fight people on this
  3. Brooklyn 99
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    Andre Braugher doing comedy is incredible. Give me more.
  4. True Detective S1
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    Obvs. The start of the McConaughey renaissance. ( McConaughaissance?)
  5. The West Wing
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    Martin Sheen as the president, Stockard Channing as the First Lady, Bradley Whitford as the renowned sex symbol that is Josh Lyman. SO. GOOD.
  6. Freaks and Geeks
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    The start of so many great careers. Martin Starr owned the role of Bill Haverchuck.
  7. Downton Abbey
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    Pretty much anything with Maggie Smith is a great casting decision but this one is especially good