1. "Vintage charm"
  2. Open concept
  3. Wildly unrealistic wish list for couple's price range
  4. Hardwood floors
  5. One half of the couple wants "urban living", the other wants "suburban family lifestyle"
  6. Double sink
  7. Man cave
  8. Snarky comment from the estate agent
  9. "Quirky"
  10. Husband obsessed with getting a good patio because he's super into his grill
  11. Crown mouldings
  12. Double garage
  13. Gas stove vs electric debate
  14. Wife constantly talks about buying a house with a "homely feel"
  15. Couple obsessed with getting a "guest suite"
  16. Entertaining space
  17. Vaulted ceilings
  18. Couple make an awful final decision and buy the completely wrong house for them