It's only March but you can never be too prepared ok!! I've only been to 3 (I've been to one twice) but these are tips I wish I'd known before I went to my first one. These are based on my time at English festivals but I'm sure they're useful for festivals in general.
  1. See as many acts as you can
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    An obvious one but people often don't make the most of what's on offer. Get out of your tent and see old favourites and people you've never heard of! Get to the front row or sit down at the back - just get involved!!
  2. BUT be prepared to miss bands you want to see
    There's so much choice at a festival that it's near impossible to organise some kind of schedule that will please all of your friends. There's always the option of going to sets alone but I'd always advise sticking in a group, especially for your first festival!
  3. Don't shower
    There's no need. Everybody stinks and the showers are communal and disgusting. Baby wipes and deodorant will be your best friends.
  4. Be prepared for the smell
    ❤️ even better if you camp somewhere nearby to the toilets so you can wake up to the smell of fresh piss and vomit ❤️ (gross but true)
  5. Pace yourself with drink
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    Don't get (too) wasted on your first night. You'll run out of alcohol quickly and it will make you feel horrible for the next few days. By all means get wasted on your last night though. I generally stay away from spirits because I am a huge lightweight, but just know your limits ok I am not your mum.
  6. Work out a way to sneak in alcohol to the arena because festival prices are expensive and you don't got 💰💰💰💰
    Bar staff are generally pretty lenient with ID and underage people but that won't always be the case. I bought a foldable water bottle that I could fit into my shorts (classy I know)
  7. Set up a "campfire"
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    You can buy firewood on site. It will make a little community in your area of the campsite, will help you get to know your neighbours and will give much needed heat in the evening.
  8. Accept that, because of the campfire, your hair will smell of smoke for the next week no matter how much you wash it
  9. Bring more tents with fewer people
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    More room for your bags and space to get ready in. Pop ups are the way to go.
  10. DON'T let creepy guys (and girls I guess) get away with shit. Call them out if they're in your personal space or you feel uncomfortable. Most crowds will support you.
    I went to my first festival when I was 15 and guys would still try on creepy bs 🙅
  11. If possible, camp at the top of a hill
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    Low ground gets wet and muddy really easily
  12. Buy a bum bag
    It fits everything you need - money, phone, camera - and its so much more practical. I've fallen over in crowds more times than I can count and my bumbag always stays by my side 💘💘
  13. Take disposable cameras
    That way you can leave your iPhone at home, take a cheap phone and still get photos! Just be prepared for imperfect photos.
  14. Do you! If you don't want to drink, get wasted, do drugs, get to the front of a crowd, jump into that pit- DON'T
    Festivals are more fun when you go with the flow of the weekend. But that doesn't mean you have to do anything you're not ok with! People at festivals don't give a shit what you do or don't do - that's the beauty of it ❤️
  15. And finally, keep hydrated!!
    I can't say this enough!!!!!! I don't want to be looking after your sorry arse whilst I'm trying to get my groove on