I'm currently travelling around Central and Eastern Europe on trains with my best friend (if you follow me on any social media you will probably know this because I talk about it all the time). I've already spent a week here and it has gone so quickly!!
  1. Day 1: Munich
    I flew out to meet my friend who was getting the train from Zurich. It was the first time I'd ever flown internationally by myself so props to me for actually getting to Munich!! We were only there for a day so we went out for the afternoon and visited the Hofbrauhaus, Munich's famous beer hall.
  2. (Cont.)
    In the evening we went back to our hostel. It was huge and had a big bar and common room. We met some American guys and it was all going great until we dared to ask about Trump (we'd had some beers, we weren't thinking straight ok).
  3. Day 2: Salzburg
    Took the train to Salzburg in the morning. Our hostel was right at the top of a hill overlooking the city which meant amazing views but a difficult walk up there whilst carrying our backpacks 😂
  4. (Cont.)
    It rained throughout the day but we powered on and eventually got to see some of the famous Sound of Music sites. I was BUZZIN. These are the 'Do Re Mi' steps!!
  5. Day 3: Hallstatt
    We met a lovely American in our dorm in Salzburg named Theo so we all had breakfast together and then went our separate ways.
  6. (Cont.)
    My friend and I took the train to Hallstatt, a tiny village literally hanging from a rock face next to a lake. It was completely surreal. The train and boat ride there were so scenic too. So worth a trip out if you're ever in that part of Austria! And easy to do in a day.
  7. Day 4: Ljubljana
    We took a morning train to Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljana. The city centre itself is tiny so we spent a couple of hours wandering up and down the river, then getting a meal.
  8. (Cont.)
    We decided to have an early night because our train the next morning was pretty early. But then we got to our dorm and found we were sharing with 3 Irish lads. 'Early nights' are not a thing in Ireland. We ended up drinking with them until 2am and then had to catch the train the next morning at 9am! Which was as fun as it sounds!!!
  9. Day 5: Lake Bled
    (The Irish guys from our dorm were, by chance, traveling to Bled this day and staying in the same hostel as us so you can tell where this day is heading). In the afternoon, my friend and I hung out by ourselves. We went swimming in the lake and sunbathed. The walk around the lake is about 6km so we spent most of the day there.
  10. (Cont.)
    In the evening, we bought some cheap wine from a supermarket, got very drunk and went out with the Irish lads to the only club in the whole of Bled. I can't tell you how much I fancied one of these lads. Being an embarrassing drunk was a great way to make an impression on him!!!
  11. Day 6: Lake Bled
    We stayed here for another day because it was lovely weather. We walked up to the castle first for views of the lake below.
  12. (Cont.)
    Then we lazed about all day. We hung out with our Canadian friend Kennedy and walked by the lake. We got the train back to Ljubljana in the evening, checked in to our hostel and immediately fell asleep.
  13. Day 7: Budapest
    Our train ride to Budapest was 8 and a half hours so we spent all of this day travelling. The journey was fine but so tiring. Last night we got some food, walked round for a bit and checked out the area. Our hostel is absolutely tiny (about 10 people) and everyone is British hahaha.
  14. Today we saw more of Budapest and we're hopefully going to visit the famous 'ruin bars' tonight
  15. 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂
  16. I miss Li.st! Can't wait to catch up soon. (P.S. Sorry for my embarrassing drunk lists a few days ago)