When I was kid I used to make stuff up all the time for fun. I realise this makes me sound like a compulsive liar but hey ho
  1. I had an interactive TV
    I told my friends that I had a TV like the one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where you could reach into the screen and take out objects. I pretended I never needed any money because I just stole everything from adverts.
  2. My family owned zoo animals
    Me and my sister both pretended to our friends that we had a pet snake at home and were in the process of buying more. She's almost 10 years older than me so has no excuses for this weird lie.
  3. I had seen the real Father Christmas
    I convinced people in my class that Father Christmas had passed over our school in broad daylight about a week before Christmas. My friend even said she could hear the bells. Kids are gullible as hell 😂