I am sorry this is so late I am a horrible person who is horrible at fulfilling list requests
  1. Ok first up I'm catching the first plane over there ✈️
    Go big or go home right??? My funds for this trip are unlimited, naturally
  2. I know that you and @lesleyann are British at heart so I'll bring some box sets of the best TV from the UK
    Miranda, Gavin and Stacey, Outnumbered, Black Mirror, Endeavour (I've already watched this series 3 times but LOOK AT THIS GUY he's a beaut)
  3. We'd watch films featuring Taron Egerton
  4. I'd bring sweets and chocolate from back home
    Except Werthers Original's because they are the worst and I will not tolerate them
  5. I would provide a soundtrack - 50% Disney, 50% Spice Girls
    There is no compromise here sorry