First off, a HUGE THANK YOU to @amieshmamie who organised this, despite me being a unorganised fresher and taking my time to sort out my postbox. Amie, you are the greatest of the greatest for organising this 💘
  1. So today, I had a bit of a rubbish day. I had a difficult week of reading, I felt overwhelmed in my seminar and not confident enough to join in. I was feeling a little tired and lacking in energy..
  2. And then I checked my post room to find a "You've got mail!" letter.
    This is the best letter because it means you have a parcel too big for the letterbox!
  3. I went to collect my parcel and found this! My college care package!!!!
  4. It had this cute Halloween tape holding it together too
  5. Eeeek!
  6. First up was a card from @Diplomatic_diva - my extremely generous and lovely care-packager-giver
  7. It was London themed, naturally
    The message was very sweet
  8. Then there was: a cute little American headband
    Going to wear this to the election results night
  9. 2 pairs of socks
    This is exactly what I needed!! I can now cross "comfy socks" off my shopping list
  10. Cute Halloween clips
    Tempted to go all out and wear these to my lectures because I LOVE HALLOWEEN
  11. A Halloween themed card
  12. The cute Halloween tape!
  13. Halloween bunting
    I showed this to my flatmate and she almost screamed with excitement. We have been planning our Halloween and Christmas decorations since we arrived.
  14. Mini notepad
  15. Big notepad
  16. Halloween biscuits
    (Already half eaten by my flatmates and me)
  17. A HUGE Dairy Milk bar
    This is extremely exciting. Dairy Milk is my favourite.
  18. A pack of Bic pens
    Possibly my favourite of all the gifts. All my notes are written in colour because it makes reading Plato that little bit less awful.
  19. And of course, a List themed gift!
    I really do ❤️ Lists and
  20. This was exactly the pick up I needed. I couldn't believe the generosity of @Diplomatic_diva - you are truly too kind.
  21. A big thank you to you for making my day 100x better ❤️