It's 1am here aka time to get personal
  1. Smile - Brian Wilson
    My dad used to play this album in his car and it's my earliest music memory. I loved singing the harmonies with him
  2. America - Simon and Garfunkel
    I first heard this song when watching the film Almost Famous and fell in love with it straight away. It remains one of my favourite songs ever and introduced me to the genius that is Paul Simon
  3. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not - Arctic Monkeys
    I remember taking this CD from my brother and playing it to death on my karaoke machine (lol). Still one of the best debut albums ever. And these guys were just like people I knew! They were northerners who loved music and sang about pubs and northern slang!! This was exciting for me
  4. AM - Arctic Monkeys
    I saw AM live for the first time only 6 years after I'd first heard them. I met some amazing people that night. I cried.
  5. I Was Here - Beyonce
    This was my high school leavers song. Maybe a little dramatic but it meant my year could bond one last time over our collective love of Beyonce.
  6. Half The World Away - Oasis
    Reminds me of my brother. Last Christmas we sat in our hotel room watching The Royle Family (one of our favourite sitcoms) and singing along to the theme song, which is this underrated Oasis single
  7. I Won't Say (I'm in love) - Hercules Soundtrack
    Couldn't not include a Disney song here. Reminds me of my sister. We used to sing this as a duet on my karaoke machine (yep, the same one). She has an amazing musical theatre voice which I am still jealous of
  8. The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away) - Doris Day
    This is a song from Calamity Jane which I always used to sing with my lovely nan. Reminds me of Sundays at her house when we used to watch musicals and eat milk roll (please say someone remembers milk roll)
  9. I Love To Boogie - T Rex
    Simply because my mum dancing and singing along to this is the cutest/funniest thing ever. (She is a 5ft Welsh woman)
  10. Dilemma - Nelly
    Was there ever a party where this song wasn't played? I don't even care, it's a classic