I found out today that my high school French teacher had passed away from cancer which is completely horrible because she was a great teacher and an amazing lady :(
  1. She taught me for 5 years and made me enjoy French more than I could ever expect
    I continued it to A Level because of her and it's still a subject I love and want to continue with
  2. She called all her students "mes petits chou-fleurs" which means "my little cauliflowers"
    I think she just made this up and I loved it
  3. She would always tell us stories about her French husband and how he used to make funny mistakes in English all the time
    Like how he pronounced "oink" like "wank" in front of a group of kids
  4. At the end of the school year and at Christmas, she would bring in 'French breakfasts' for us to eat
    We'd have croissants, pain au chocolat, Nutella, biscuits, coffee, orange juice
  5. Her catchphrase was "If in doubt, French it out"
    I still think of it sometimes when writing or speaking French and it actually helps
  6. She always believed in her students. She called us her "crème de la crème".
    If we ever doubted our abilities, she reminded us that we had her as a teacher so we were safe
  7. When she was going through cancer treatment last year, she came in to help us with our exam preparation. She said missed teaching the Truffaut topic which she always loved.
  8. I never knew her on a personal level, but she was a joy to have as a teacher and I will miss her. I'm heartbroken for her family.
  9. RIP Mme K. Vous me manquez ❤️