I've got a weird thing for names, I love talking about them. Tell me about yours! Were your parents set on your name from the beginning? Were you named after anyone? Do you like your name?
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    My mum was always set on Alexander/Alexandra. I think my dad's list of Irish names to go with our surname was vetoed pretty quickly πŸ˜‚
    I really like my name, even though it is very common in my age group and everyone ALWAYS presumes I'm a boy unless I go by my full name
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    My middle name is the country where my mum found out she was pregnant, so that's fun
    I'll let you figure that one out
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    I'm named after my mum's auntie and she was always set on that - I remember hating it in primary (can't remember why) but like it better now
    Suggested by @_sarah
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    I'm named after my mom's foster mom, who has been the best mother figure in her life. My parents were decided on names when I was born & I know what my name would be if I was a boy (& I don't like that name so).
    It means 'holy' & there is a male version of it which is 'Helgi'.
    Suggested by @helga
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    My parents just liked the name Rachel, but apparently Beth was a strong contender too.
    My middle name, Jean, is my grandmother's name.
    Suggested by @macnchz
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    My full name is Julia but everyone in high school called me "j sim" so now I respond to the name Jason which weirds a lot of people out πŸ˜‚. I love nicknames, Jay or Jules
    Suggested by @dubstep
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    Elizabeth is in honor of both my Mom's Aunt Betty, and my Godmother Elizabeth. My middle name, Ann, is in honor of my maternal Nana, Antoinette who always went by Ann.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
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    I go by my middle name, Troy, because my step-father switched them when I was two. Up to then, people were calling me by my initials, K.T., and he didn't want me being called Katie.
    I eventually switched back to my birth name. But the joke's on him, my wife is named Katie. So, we're K.T. and Katie Darling.
    Suggested by @troydarling
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    I was almost named kristin Michelle, but they changed at the last minute to Amanda elizabeth. Fun fact, Amanda means the same thing as my brother's name, beloved.
    Suggested by @hugothecat
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    David is because my Dad always liked the name (2nd choice was Elijah). If I was a girl I would be named Erin. My middle name is Scholes (but it's actually my last name by blood)* and Robson is from my great great grandfather-in-law's last name.
    *the whole middle name business is too long/should probably just be a list of my own...
    Suggested by @DavidRobson
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    My name means "sun moon" in Latin. My mum says I whispered it to her when she was pregnant. She had never heard it before and just woke up with it in her mind. My father had a hard time registering my name at city hall. He had to find a book of names from Brittany to show them it was in it and it indeed existed!
    My middle name is Ananda and it means "bliss" in Sanskrit!
    Suggested by @solena
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    I insisted my daughter be named "Abigail" when I found out it means "Father's Joy." And she absolutely is.
    Don't call her Abby. She HATES it.
    Suggested by @mnc1971
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    My name is Tarah (like Tara). My mother, whose name is Talitha, thought she invented my name. She wanted my name to begin with TA like hers and, as she puts it, thought Tara(h) sounded unique. I'm very glad she wasn't more creative. I love my name.
    Suggested by @tarahmarceline
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    Allison is my godmother's name and the name of several other women on my mom's side of the family. My parents decided to go with the Allyson spelling so that I could be called Ally for short (I think...)!
    I feel pretty attached to my name and that it suits me well!
    Suggested by @allysonarno
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    When I ask my mom about my name she usually tells me she just wanted it to be different. She had liked the Irish name Meave (Maeve) or Meaven but my dad liked Megan. So they kinda met in the middle and invented the spelling for me, Meagaan. Though I really like Meave it's much more unique and wouldn't mind if I had ended up with it.
    Suggested by @meagirish
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    I have a list about this! THE STORY OF MY NAME
    My dad wanted to name my Ryan (after his best friend who we hardly see anymore) and my mom wanted to name me Zoya so they compromised and came up with Zoey Ryanne 😊
    Suggested by @zoeyryanne
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    Jessica + Vanessa = Jenessa. My parents couldn't agree so they compromised. It's become more popular but I have yet to find my name on a keychain at the gas station.
    Suggested by @Just1MoreThing
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    My parents just liked the name Valerie! Basically everyone calls me Val, but I never introduce myself as Val. I'd rather you give me that nickname when you're ready. ☺️
    And my middle name is Mae, after my mom's grandma and my dad's mom. I love that it honors both sides of the family!
    Suggested by @valeriemorby
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    My name is Miranda. My mom was dead set on my older sister's name (Athena) and wanted an equally unique name for me. They were leaning toward Anastasia or Marlena, but then they saw some random cookie commercial with a rag doll named Miranda and that was it.
    My parents are anti-nicknames even though they both have them. They also refused to give us middle names in case we ever got married so it would be easier to retain our maiden names. Pretty progressive for the early 80s!
    Suggested by @ohwowawesome
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    My grandpa wanted to name my mom Lesley Ann, but that didn't happen. So my mom named me it! My mom always said she liked the name Caroline so I was almost a Caroline!
    Suggested by @lesleyann
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    I'm named after my grandma who came to the US as a refugee from Laos. The spelling seems weird for the pronunciation. I tell people it's like the name "Liam" but with an N instead of M. I don't look half Laotian so I cling to my name to represent that part of me :)
    Suggested by @forceliane
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    My mom really wanted to name me Jacob, after my dad, if I was going to be a boy. In response, my dad said "Well, if it's a girl, we'll just have to name her Rebecca!" (my mom's name).
    A word of advice: don't name your children after yourself or the other parent! It can be very confusing when it comes to mail, phone calls, and paying taxes.
    Suggested by @rebeccamaepeter
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    My name is the feminine of my dad's name. After two girls they wanted a boy - this was before gender could be determined before birth. My name here is a pen name. I'd rather not be named after my dad.
    Suggested by @solitarygigi