With varying levels of accuracy (inspired by a list I saw a few weeks back and now can't findπŸ˜₯)
  1. β€’
    If I was on Parks and Rec, I would be Ann Perkins
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  2. β€’
    If I were one of Michael Scott's love interests, I would be Holly Flax
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  3. β€’
    My celebrity baby style icon according to my zodiac sign is Prince George
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  4. β€’
    According to my favourite emojis I should live in Honolulu
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  5. β€’
    If I was on Arthur, I would be Arthur
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  6. β€’
    I am more of a Scar than a Mufasa
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    I am highly offended by this one
  7. β€’
    I am a smooth and sexy Brit
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