Apparently it's national siblings day?? If that's a thing?
  1. They wore matching tracksuits their whole childhood, of their own accord
  2. I wish I was joking
    This list was really just an excuse to post this photo
  3. They're 9 and 7 years older than me which means I NEVER won fights with them
  4. They're both super talented and intelligent
  5. My sister works in theatre and is an all round singing, acting, dancing superstar
  6. My brother went to Oxford
    He got a special bursary each year because Northerners from comprehensive schools are seen as a rarity there 😂
  7. They're both Liverpool fans because of their dad 😱
    One time they took me on the Anfield tour and my dad nearly fainted when he found out
  8. Their favourite trick when we were growing up was to tell me on long car journeys that I would need my passport to get into, for example, Cardiff
    And every single time I would freak out because of course I didn't have my passport with me and I wouldn't be able to go to Cardiff!! (Older siblings are mean)
  9. We're all Parks and Rec geeks
    We have matching Lil Sebastian t-shirts
  10. My brother is pretty much the funniest person I know
  11. My sister is a feminist icon
  12. They're two of my favourite people 💘