My sister is 9 years older than me so this all happened when I was very young. My mum is a reliable source though so we'll trust her story
  1. My sister was a pretty naughty kid. She loved to do anything she wasn't supposed to and was known in our primary school as a bit of a trouble maker.
  2. In our primary school, we had a uniform for girls (shirts, cardigan, skirts or pinafores) and for boys (shirts, trousers, jumpers).
  3. No girls wore trousers. Everybody followed the rules. My sister clearly thought this was too good an opportunity to miss.
  4. One day, she asked my mum to buy her some school trousers. My mum obliged because she is both a rule breaker and scared of my sister's tantrums.
  5. So the next week, my sister went into school wearing her uniform as usual but with trousers.
  6. She was called into a teacher's office!!!! For real. This was the 1990s.
  7. They told her she would be let off that day but that technically it was against the rules and she should wear her skirt the next day.
  8. Amateur mistake. This was exactly what my sister wanted.
  9. She continued to wear trousers to school every day and was constantly reminded by teachers to wear her skirt.
  10. Eventually, after a few weeks, the teachers got bored and let her carry on wearing the trousers.
  11. But then, other girls in the class started coming into school wearing trousers too.
  12. My sister had told all of her friends to buy trousers and wear them with her as part of a "trouser club".
  13. By the end of the month, half the girls in the class were wearing trousers to school every day.
  14. My sister basically started a revolution.
  15. Other year groups were wearing trousers, too. Even the infants were in on it!
  16. It got so out of control that the school changed their uniform policy! Girls were now allowed to wear trousers whenever they wanted!
  17. So by the time I went to primary school, I could wear skirts, pinafores OR trousers. All thanks to my sister.
  18. She's a hero 💘
  19. The kids today don't even know the struggles she went through!!