Inspired by @michael_circa91. I love these lists because I'm nosey, I love music and I love statistics/figures
  1. I listened to 14,000 minutes of music
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    Which equals 238 hours or 10 days
  2. I listened to 559 different artists
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  3. I listened to 1544 different tracks
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  4. My top 5 artists:
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    Jamie T, The Smiths, The Districts, Mac DeMarco, Peace
  5. My top 5 albums:
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    A Flourish and A Spoil - The Districts, Is This It - The Strokes, Salad Days - Mac DeMarco, Happy People - Peace, Panic Prevention - Jamie T
  6. My top 5 tracks:
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    The Only Place - Best Coast, Twin Sized Mattress - The Front Bottoms, Collard Greens - Schoolboy Q, Suburban Smell - The Districts, Back In The Game - Jamie T
  7. My top 5 genres:
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    Indie Rock, Permanent Wave (??), Pop Rap (?!), Madchester, Rock